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Case Studies

We have experience in marine civils, wind farm construction and operations & maintenance as well as diver and filming support. OTS can provide a single workboat or a fully integrated package, including project management and technicians.

Cardinal P, Admiral P and Lieutenant P supported Van Oord with equipment and crew transfer from the port of Grimsby to the diving and dredging vessels working between the beach and the Tetney monobuoy.

The work involved transferring passengers ashore by RIB, equipment transfers, pushing barges and transferring divers onto the Tetney monobuoy. The shallow draft and water jet propulsion permitted the vessels to work safely and effectively very close to the beach.

The work was 24-hours per day with only a few hours lost due to weather over the four month contract. The three vessels did not have any unplanned stoppages during the contract, a testimony to the behind-the-scenes engineering support and the highly motivated vessel crew.